After Taylor Swift, pop star Beyoncé brings a film about a musical tour

After Taylor Swift, it’s Beyoncé’s turn. His famous musical tour ‘Renasa’ is now going to be released as a film. Variety magazine mentioned that Beyoncé is going to bring this tour to the audience in collaboration with the famous American multiplex AMC.

According to sources, the management agency CAA had started discussing this with major studios and steamers companies two weeks ago. Beyoncé’s tour in 2023 was the highest grossing worldwide. The film is slated to release on December 1.

By the end of the tour, the world tour is expected to sell 560 million dollars in international tickets. But AMC Theater has not yet given any response on this.


It is assumed that Beyoncé is also following the same move as another singer, Taylor Swift’s popular Eras Tour, is being prepared for the film. At the moment, these rules are favorable to the singer Swift. It is expected that these conditions will be applied to Beyonce as well and she will receive 50 percent of the worldwide earnings in cash.

Singer Swift’s Eras Tour concert with AMC is projected to earn $100 million for its October release.


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