Ainapahara is attracting domestic travelers

Day by day, domestic tourists are drawn to the Ainapahara waterfall in Tanahu district’s Abukhaireni rural municipality-2. It wasn’t previously well-managed, but things are changing for the better there. Representatives of the people are currently working to promote Ainapahara as a tourist attraction.

The development of Ainapahara waterfall into a tourist destination is an aim. On the native rocks and stones in Ainapahara, artistic figures and buildings are being carved out. In an effort to make Ainapahara a major tourist destination, the Abukhaireni Rural Municipality has begun to carve out the forms of a mother and son on the rock and stone. It has enhanced the number of visitors coming to the area.

Ainapahara will be developed as a tourist attraction because it is close to Prithvi Highway, according to a resident named Bijay Gurung. Shukra Chuman, the chairperson of the rural municipality of Abukhaireni, noted that Ainapahara began attracting more visitors day by day when individuals began posting pictures and videos of the location on social media. Ainapahara Park’s construction received a total of Rs 14 million in funding during the most recent fiscal year, he continued.


Chuman stated, “We have a strategy to make Ainapahara one of the top tourist destinations in the entire Gandaki Province, not only Tanahu. Making the Ainapahara more appealing is currently being done. The rural municipality has submitted a plan to build a glass pedestrian bridge and sky-cycling facility there. To organize Ainapahara waterfall, it has already created a thorough master plan.

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