Amitabh and Kangana said – we are Indians, not Indians

Amitabh and Kangana Ranaut have come out in favor of the possible medication of the government to remove India from the name of the country and keep only India. advertisement on social media, Kangana said that in 2021, she prognosticated that the name of the country would soon be changed
from India to just India.

Kangana has participated a screenshot of an old interview on X, in which she expressed her desire to change
the country’s name two times agone . She said,’ The name India was given to us by the British, so the country
should be called India.’ participating her old tweet, Kangana has complimented everyone. He wrote,”
Congratulations to everyone, we all got freed from slavery.” Hail India.’

Kangana further said,’ The name Bharat is correct. But what’s the meaning of India? They( English) called us
Red Indians, because Indian in old English means slavery. They named us India because that was our new
identity, given to us by the British. In the old wordbook also the meaning of India was called Das but now it
has been changed. This isn’t our name, we’re Indians, not Indians.’


Amitabh and Kangana on enterprises

Kangana made this tweet at a time when enterprises are going on about the government’s medications to
remove the country’s name India and keep it only India. The G- 20 meeting is being held in Delhi on
September 9 and 10. An assignation card has been transferred from Rashtrapati Bhavan to the members
who’ll attend the regale of this meeting. In the assignation card transferred by the President, rather of’
President of India’,’ President of India’ is written.Amitabh and Kangana said

Before Kangana, actor Amitabh Bachchan wrote on social media,’ Bharat Mata Ki Jai.’ Former Indian
cricketer Virender Sehwag has also expressed his support for the junction of India.


India vs India debate is presently trending on social media. Some people are in favor of removing India from
the sanctioned name of the country while others are against it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party,
including the Bharatiya Janata Party( BJP), is in favor of keeping the country’s name as India, while the
opposition Congress and other parties are against it.

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