Signs of Bimal Ghartimar returning to Nepal to play NSL

Signs of Bimal Ghartimar returning to Nepal to play NSL, who left for Australia last Friday, has indicated that he will return to Nepal to play football. He indicated that he will come to Nepal to play in the Nepal Super League (NSL) in the near future.

Nepal Super League will start next November. Chitwan Football Club has included Bimal in its team as an ‘iconic player’. Bimal thanked Chitwan FC for giving him the opportunity to play on his home soil again.

He said through the social network Facebook, “There are many ups and downs in life!! With increasing age, responsibility and practicality will also increase!! At the same time, I decided to leave my love and affection for my beloved country and come to Australia to create a bright future for myself and my family!! However, I would like to thank Chitwan FC for loving me and giving me a chance to play in their soil as an iconic player in the upcoming Nepal Super League!! I would like to pay my respects to all my well-wishers including the respectable personality who created this opportunity!! Jai Nepal Jai Nepali football!!’


Recently, many football players of the national team have migrated abroad. After the football players who played for the country for a long time began to migrate abroad one after the other, it had a direct impact on Nepali sports.

Most of the Nepali football players have gone to Australia. Following this sequence, Bimal also left for Australia last Friday. Bimal’s name has also been added to the list of players going to Australia with the dream of a safe future.


Bimal, who got married only a short time ago, did not even tell the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) about this before leaving for Australia. 25-year-old Bimal is a player who made his debut in the national team at a young age. He made his debut in the national team in 2012. He played his first match against Bangladesh. Bimal has played 39 matches for the country and scored nine goals.

Bimal has also participated in various age group competitions for the country. So far, about 50 football players have migrated abroad. Most of the Nepali football players have gone to Australia.

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