Cogent Health launches an Insurance Management Information System-integrated health insurance function

The Insurance Management Information System (IMIS) from Bhaktapur Hospital and Mechi Zonal Hospital is integrated with Cogent Health’s health insurance feature, which is now being rolled out as a pilot. The government’s IMIS system is run by the Health Insurance Board (HIB), and Cogent Health has become the first EHR (Electronic Health Record) service provider to directly link with it. The effective integration has made it possible for hospitals utilizing Cogent Health’s EHR system to verify a patient’s eligibility for the government health insurance program and to electronically submit claims to HIB for payment.

The IMIS platform now requires healthcare facilities to go through a laborious and time-consuming process of uploading all the supporting papers pertaining to procedures and healthcare services provided to patients under Health Insurance coverage separately. With the interoperability of two crucial cross-cutting components—health and insurance information systems—the pilot rollout has marked a significant turning point in Nepal’s development of its much-needed digital health ecosystem. With a goal of helping Nepal create a larger, interoperable digital health ecosystem, Cogent Health has already connected its platform with finance and payment systems.

Concerning Cogent Health


One of Nepal’s health technology businesses with the quickest growth is Cogent Health Pvt Ltd. Cogent Health is an organization that specializes in Electronic Health Record (EHR) based Health Information Systems. Its mission is to digitize every step of the value chain in the management of health care and to promote the use of evidence-based practices in Nepal’s healthcare system. A large variety of bundled products from Cogent Health, including CogentEMR, CogentEMR Web, e-Appointments, and Smart Swasthya, are used in over 50 healthcare facilities throughout Nepal.

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