Death of Foreign Citizen Sawning Droot in Manang

Death of Foreign Citizen in Lamjung District, Nepal  has died from the female citizens by digging in Manang. Day passport no household, in death. The 69-year-old male of 681,6725 are Chals keth Deviz.

He was going to lamjung district headquarters from Land cruser, including Mrs. Wednesday, Wednes, driver, driver and Potters.

Under the Basethar-Chame road roads, he said at around 10 o’clock in around 10 o’clock in the road.


Lamjung Distric

The police team from the Area Police Office in Nepal, Chame and the Area Police Office of the Area Police Office, Mushapani was reserved by the area.


According to Inspector Pushkar Karki, Inspector Pushkar Karki, the hospital police officer has declared his dead at around 3 o’clock at around 3 o’clock.

Davies have been taken to Teaching Hospital for Thursday after the air diamator on Thursday after the Air Diamatic helicopter for Postmortem.

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