Does the foot stink? Lemonly lemon in the socks and sleep

Does the foot stink, Along with heat, many people have a problem smelling legs. While wearing a shoe for a while, the problem of gnahizing legs grow more. Lemon using legs is considered very beneficial.

Before going to bed at night, socks are saved from the problem of smelling legs with a leap on it. Such benefits to sleep within the socks.

– The legs do not dry &Does the foot stink ?

Instead of wearing crim, lotns etc. instead of putting a lemon in the socks, they are relieved to dry out of the floor.


– Removes the legs

It takes a variety of types of stains on their legs when they sleep on the socks.

– Dright of legs lose the doll

Without going to bed at night, it is ridiculed by the breath of the breast problem of meat.


renunciation of inheritance– The power is soft

The lemon juice helps to remove the features of the feet. So the lemon is useful to keep the feet soft.

How do the leaf use?

Cutting the lemon in the world. Sleeping will be advised by keeping the leaflet into the opposite, including the bite to enter the feet. It is good to keep the lemon in the leaf at least two hours. Within a few days used in this way, legs are saved from clean and stain how to  Does the foot stink.

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