Everest Park was built in Ontario, Canada (with photos)

Everest park in canada A park located in the city of Brampton in the province of Ontario, Canada, has been named ‘Everest Park’. The park was named during a program on Saturday in the area where there is also a dense population of Nepalis.

Nar Bahadur Chhetri, president of Nepalese Community Network of Canada, said that he is happy to connect the park with Nepal, located on Cherrytree Drive in Brampton, a city known as Flower City.

The city council here has named it Everest Park. Now even when we reach the park, it feels like we are in Nepal,” he recalled the past and said, “Last January, we met the mayor of this area and requested to name the park as Everest Park. Finally, our proposal has been approved.


Vijay Paudel, who is active in Canadian mainstream politics, said that it is a great achievement to connect Canadian public places with Nepal for Everest park in canada.

Poudel, who is also the president of the Federation of Canada Nepal Chamber of Commerce, said, ‘The mayor here has expressed his commitment to build a rock climbing that looks like Mount Everest inside the park. That will be a happier moment for us.


Poudel, who is also a young entrepreneur, expects that such activities will also help in the promotion of Nepal’s tourism. He said, ‘It has been like a gift to us as we are approaching 58 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Canada. The park known as Esparo Park has now got the name of the world’s highest peak Everest. It has made all Nepalis proud.

Meanwhile, the City of Brampton also expressed its happiness for being named ‘Sagarmatha Park’ and praised the role played by the Nepali community in making the project successful.

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