Festive Celebration is a new project by Yamaha

The “Yamaha Festive Celebration with Roadies Power of Five” strategy has been announced by MW Enterprises, the authorized distributor of Yamaha motorbikes and scooters in Nepal, as the holiday draws near. In order to make the Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath holidays unique, he has announced spectacular celebrations. He claimed that THBMBAZ used motorbikes and scooters to bring sportiness, style, and excitement during the holiday season.

He claimed that purchasing a Yamaha product redefined the joy of riding for a long time and went on to say that the Yamaha Festive Celebration with Roadies Power of Five scheme offered up to Rs 6,000, Rs 1 lakh on the purchase of any Yamaha scooter, Rs 8,000, Rs 1 lakh in Sure-shot cashback on bike purchases, a daily Yamaha riding jacket through a lucky draw, a weekly gift of an iPhone 14, and the chance for a lucky winner to win a trip to Las Vegas every month.

Festive Celebration of Yamaha

Raju Chhetri, CEO, MAW Two Wheelers Division, stated, “We are happy to offer the Yamaha Festive Celebration with Roadies Power of Five scheme. According to Chhetri, the goal of the disclosed strategy was to make each ride exceptional over the holiday season and inject a little bit of enchantment into the lives of the patrons. This promotion is available at all authorized Yamaha showrooms across the nation and is valid on all Yamaha motorcycles and scooters.


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