Fruit Tea, Eating Also Benefit Sweet and Health

In Nepali society, tea is made not only one drink but also culture. In the winter season, everyone eats tea. Most people eat a mica t and black t in tea. There are fewer seeing the tea of fruit.

Some are frustrated tea? Can also think Fruiting, fructivitis that is also eaten by eating sweet and health is now abroad and has been found in Nepal’s limited city. Fruitly unhealthy tea acheries are not allowing fruits to fruits. Vitamins found in fruit is characteristic of fruits found in tea. It only benefits only in health.

Fruit tea, frustrations that make fruit juice at home are natural and chemallable. According to the taste, all over the tea child of antevial fruits and myths have allockes them to eat. Accordingly, whatever fruits of the weather can also become tea.


To make a tea tea to make tea, boil a small tea leaf leather and a piece of cutting fruit. Then it can be carried or darker.

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