Gadar 2 holds the record of the fastest Hindi film to earn 500 crores

Gadar 2 has created a new history at the Indian box office. This film has now entered the 500 crore club. It has collected7.80 crore rupees, breaking the record on the fourth Sunday.

The total collection of the film is 501 crores. Now the eyes of the film are aimed at breaking the record of the collections of the Hindi interpretation of’ Baahubali- 2′. The Hindi interpretation of’ Baahubali 2′ earned510.99 crores at the Indian box office.

After joining the Rs 500 crore club in 24 days,’ Gadar 2′ has also come the fastest film to earn Rs 500 crore. also, it has also come the third Hindi film to join the 500 crore club. before, only Baahubali- 2 and Pathan were suitable to join this club.


Gadar 2′ took 24 days to earn Rs 500 crore

While’ Gadar 2′ took 24 days to earn Rs 500 crore,’ Pathan’ took 28 days and the Hindi interpretation of’ Baahubali 2′ took 34 days.” Gadar- 2″ has earned well not only in the country but also abroad.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the film has earned further than 650 crores worldwide. It’s earning good income in countries like Australia, Germany, USA and UK.


Gadar 2 1

The important thing is that’ Gadar- 2′ was released along with the Akshay Kumar starrer film’ OMG- 2′. Indeed though’ OMG- 2′ earned well at the box office,’ Gadar- 2′ didn’t make important of an impact. Two weeks after that, the Ayushmann Khurrana starrer film’ Dreamgirl- 2′ was released and despite the release of this new film,’ Gadar- 2′ is earning well.

On the other hand,’ conjure Girl- 2′ also earned8.10 crores on Sunday. With this, the total collection of the film has reached86.16 crores. The Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey starrer is now about to join the 100 crore club.

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