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Google Pixel 8 pre order & Pixel 8 Pro pre order bonus

Google Pixel 8 pre-order & Pixel 8 Pro-pre-order bonus This new flagship series from Google appears like a good upgrade for most people with its new and intriguing features, including an ultrawide camera with a bigger and better sensor, a telephoto lens, and more (though our complete review is still in the works). The firm also brags about its generous seven-year upgrade and support period, which is two years longer than the previous lineup’s offer and longer than that of the majority of Google’s leading rivals.

To know more about the bonus Google Pixel 8 pre-order & Pixel 8 Pro pre-order bonus

Google Pixel 8 pre order & Pixel 8 Pro pre order bonus



Pixel 8 Pro lunch On October 12, the new Pixel phones will go on sale. Check out our list for further preorder discounts on the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

The Google Pixel 8 pro base model with 128GB of storage is currently available for presale for $699. You’ll save $200 by getting a pair of Pixel Buds Pro included for free. You can still receive the free earbuds, which have been improved with additional functionality if you choose to upgrade to the version with 256GB of storage, which costs only $60 extra.

Google Pixel 8


For those who choose to upgrade to the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the 128GB model costs $999 and includes a free Pixel Watch 2, the most recent version of the company’s well-known timepiece. This combination saves you a total of $350. Or spend an extra $60 to upgrade to the 256GB model. Even the 512GB version is offered for $1,179.


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