How long will my relationship last calculator

How long will my relationship last calculator which Often people fall in love easily but take some time to decide on marriage. People think that taking decisions in a hurry can lead to problems. Many people think that instead of strengthening the relationship in the future, it should not be broken. Most people think about marriage later so that the relationship will be stronger instead of breaking up later. When falling in love with someone, everyone wants it to be loving, lasting and strong. They also want love and happiness, mutual understanding and respect for each other throughout their lives. After all, how to identify such a relationship? If you love someone or are in a relationship with someone, how do you know if your relationship with that person will last or not? Today we are informing you about some such signs.

How long will my relationship last calculator & 10 signs your relationship will last forever


1. According to relationship coach Jeevika Sharma, if both partners are honest with each other from the beginning of the relationship, then understand that your relationship is genuine and strong. Both of you know what to expect from your relationship. If two people want each other’s company and keep talking about their wishes about the relationship, such a relationship will never break.


2. If two people talk openly about their relationship, do not hide anything, understand that such a relationship will last for a long time. If there is true love, a strong relationship between two people, no matter who the third person comes, the relationship will not weaken. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with thinking about moving your relationship forward.

3. When a partner respects each other immensely, both in private and in public, such relationships are stronger and more likely to last a lifetime. If the partners support each other in every situation, the chances of this relationship turning into marriage are more likely.


4. If the families of the two people in the relationship know about each other and the relationship is acceptable, no one can stop the couple from tying the knot. A relationship in which both family members are happy will last for a long time. If your family is also happy with your relationship, you can proceed with the marriage. The family’s approval strengthens the relationship.

5. If you think that both of you trust each other very much, there is no feeling of insecurity about anything, then the relationship will last for a long time and even after getting married, you will live without any quarrels or arguments.

6. Understand that if you communicate well with each other and remove all doubts and misunderstandings in your mind, the bond between you will be healthy and strong. Such a relationship lasts for a long time and is more likely to turn into marriage.

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