How to take care of the baby in this season?

How to take care of the baby in this season is child will heal the child when he warmth in warm food, The child is healed.’ is not gradually starting. In the winter, main health problem in the child’s health problem is the seasonal fluid and the cause of the cause of the cause. The problem of water from the nose is also seen in this world in this world. Children are said to have more problems in pneumonia. The seasonal in them will have pneumonia when he does not treat colds. What kind of problem will be seen in the cold weather?What problems occur in children in cold weather? What can be treated at home? Pediatrician Dr.for news on other topics.The conversation with Deepak Rajbhandari.

What problem do children in the cold & How to take care of the baby in this season?

The problem with a cold cause caused by colds in children with the growing winter. There is a shower of children in the cold and it also gets cold. Even if a child is asleep, the cold can cause a lot of trouble. There is a problem of respiratory problems in children, especially. Problems including colds, pneumonia, and problems.

What Baby is a more problem in?

Including the contrasty is in almost every child. But this is the case with this normal cold, making a baby warm in making a baby warm. In small children who go school can also move such a problem from a child. We need to pay attention to them.


What can be done at home when such a problem?

If you have a common fever or cold, you should keep them warm, give them lukewarm water,
soup, turmeric water, if your nose is blocked, clean it with mustard oil, clean your nose with salt water, and put on warm clothes, so you don’t need to go to the hospital. But if the fever lasts more than three days due to negligence, you should go to the hospital.

7 tips to take care of your baby this monsoon


How appropriate is to pay medical goes to medical goes?

If we feel, they do not have to go to medical and feed any drug. For that, keeps hot water, nutty food and hot in the house. Even so, owning one is not healed and the relevant doctors should be tested. If the medical goes to the medico, then feeds medicine. But that does not benefit much. That is why it is not good for feeding drugs without a best doctor’s advice in Nepal.

It comes sweat when wearing more clothing that warms children warm. How much affects that sweat?

If more sweat comes the garment. Patna is a cold problem inside the cold and the chest problem. So he does not have to wear a lot of clothes when handing the temperature of the room. Even after mother’s milk subsides, it is sweaty. If the sweat is seen, it is only changing.

How to care for food children?

Buys under 6 months to 3 years of a child, they eat other simple food with his mother’s milk. They need to keep them warm. You have to make a point of mind. The more he eats should not be fed after the food left. Fruits should also be given. Jus should also be fed by drowning in light hot water. A person who has a cold, strangely, should not touch the baby.

How to take care of the baby in this season

How to take care of the child to the school?

If your child is first cold, you should not have sent school. Doing so will not move in other children. If you put a sick child separate, it will not move too much. It is better to send school school only if the baby is completely healthy. You need to understand How to take care of the baby in this season in the school atmosphere. Whether made a warming. How are the food feeds? You can be saved from the cold when you have to pay attention to what you return from school.

What to meditate on whether or not to have any problems in children?

The main thing should wear warm clothes to children in Nepal. In the morning without handing out of the evening, no matter the sun, the sun should be in the sun. It is better for you to warm the room temperature, if someone gets sick, home at home at home. They should not give any medicine without the advice of the doctor. Initially, you have to pay attention to the domestic opinion. If you can be fixed by handing up, it is reduced to a cold, snail flowing. If a fever comes to many days, medicine can be used in the advice of a doctor for How to take care of the baby in this season.

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