In Siraha, there are more over 57,000 persons enrolled in the health insurance program

In Siraha district, more than 57,000 people have signed up for health insurance. The district’s health insurance policy program went into effect on February 14, 2021. Since February 14, a total of 57,188 people have signed up for the health insurance program. Out of the 57,188 persons who have signed up for the health insurance policy program, 28,957 are men and 28,216 are women, according to Pashupati Narayan Chaudhary of the Health Insurance Board, Lahan.

According to Chaudhary, the Board has received 10,000 additional applications for the same position, and steps are being taken to prepare to register the applications. About 12,000 of those covered by the health insurance policy program have gotten care from various medical facilities. Similar to this, 24,185 people in the district of Saptari, where the program began last year, have health insurance policies.

By mobilizing facilitators in every ward, the Lahan branch of the Health Insurance Board has been registering the name for the health insurance plan and spreading awareness of its significance, the services to be provided, and its process. A five-person household is allowed to receive medical care valued at Rs. 100,000 annually in exchange for a Rs. 3,500 premium paid annually. Similar to this, a family with more than five members must pay an annual premium of Rs 7,000 to cover medical expenses totaling Rs 120,000.


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