Jacqueline Fernandez and movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme are shown together.

Jacqueline Fernandez Bollywood actress Penindice has not seen in no big film for a while. But in the social network her last post has stirred up the stir.

In this post she has been looking at Hollywood actor Gane Cloud Van Dumme. After watching the post, Actor has begun the Hollywood Entries of Actor. Deepika Padakolar and Auraia are responding to the fan in preparing to go to Hollywood.

After seeing a picture of Jacklin and the cloud, everyone is trying to guess between these two? Also, actress has given some indication through the capson written with the post. She has been shares and she wrote, ‘Wehip Van Dum, I can’t wait for this cooperation.’


Commenting on the post has asked questions that Jacqueline is coming to a film or other other project. A fan writes, ‘O! How did she get Jacqueline with him? Some seem to be about to happen. While the other wrote, can’t believe. Another fan wrinkled, good assistance. ‘

Varun Dhavan has also reacted in the post of Ayartar. Varun has already wished the jacklyn to work with genes. Looking at this post, Fan has now estimated that she can go to Hollywood.


If it is a matter of work, a actress gold and victory in the film ‘Fatehi’ will be seen with Raj. She found in the movie ‘circus’ of the last time Rommerous Sheepy.

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