Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan and Atlee ‘fooled’ Deepika Padukone

Jawan, fans got to see the avatar of Deepika Padukone which she has probably never played on the silver screen. Deepika played the role of a mother for the first time in this film. However, the story of how Shah Rukh convinced Deepika for the role of his mother is interesting.

Shah rukh khan  talked about this in the press conference organized after the success of the film Jawan. He said, Deepika is very close to my heart. Atlee said that he wanted to take Deepika for a cameo in the film. I was

Deepika Padukonea little hesitant when he asked me not to fool Deepika for this. I remember, on the sets of Pathan, I told Deepika about this film. However, we cast him in the entire film for a cameo. We made Bichri an owl.


Jawan, How Shahrukh fooled Deepika for the role of mother? Told an interesting story

deepika padukone shah rukh khan added, ‘That day we were shooting for the song Besharm Rang. I was watching her on the set and nearby I asked my manager Pooja, “Don’t you think Deepika’s mother will look graceful?” I asked Pooja to ask Deepika if she wants to play her mother in the next film. Pooja came back in two seconds and said that Deepika had confessed to it. She said that “If Shah Rukh says so, I am ready”. I was surprised by his answer. Deepika has proved that she is a great actress.



Similarly, Deepika has also shared her experience about this. She said, “I was in Hyderabad during the shooting of Project ‘K’.” Atli Ma came to the place and started narrating the story. Within a minute of listening to the story, I asked him, “Why are you wasting your time?” Because I was ready for this role. Length does not matter to me. Its effect is essential. The second thing is that everyone knows how much I love Shah Rukh, I will be ready when he says it. how to jawan movie download this is not possible via browser.

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