Mia Khalifa lost her job for supporting Palestine

Mia Khalifa is currently making headlines in the world media. In the midst of this tension, he has come out in support of Palestine, and it has attracted the attention of many.

Supporting Palestine has cost Mia dearly. He had to lose his job. She supported Palestine through Twitter after the attack by Hamas.

She wrote on Twitter, “If you can look at the situation in Palestine and are not in favor of the Palestinians, then you are discriminating and time will show it.”


“I can’t believe Zionist discrimination is hidden behind a fake Gucci shirt,” she wrote in a second tweet. His tweet caught the attention of Red Light Holland CEO Todd Shapiro. His company produces and sells mushroom home growth kits in the US and Europe. Earlier this year, he brought Khalifa to the company, where she helped grow the company’s online business.

I had to lose my job, Mia Khalifa

Todd Shapiro, CEO of Red Light Holland, was shocked after actress Khalifa’s tweet. Soon after, he announced that Mia Khalifa was fired from her job. There was a heated debate between the two regarding this. Mia has now lost her job. After Khalifa’s tweet, Playboy canceled the contract with him and removed his channel.


Khalifa’s latest comments, known for adult films, have attracted the attention of the Lebanese-American media and sparked a new debate. There have been many reactions on social media.

After Hamas attacked Israel, the war took a new turn. Israel is retaliating in the Gaza Strip. The death toll is increasing on both sides. 10 Nepali students also lost their lives in this incident. More than 700 Israelis are said to have died in the incident.

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