Our leaders are entangled in the trap of their speech

The prominent political figures in Nepal have recently been under scrutiny for their ethical behavior. The leaders’ shifting rhetoric has made the populace more irate. The government set the first of Fagul as a holiday. KP Sharma Ali, the leader of the major party in the government and the head of the high political apparatus put in place by the government, opposed the leave offered by the government on the occasion of People’s War Day today after it had been in effect for eleven days.

The People’s War Day was observed and dubbed the Day of Violence by UML President KP Sharma Oli during a ceremony held at his own residence in Balkot on the occasion of his birthday. He voiced his opposition to the holiday observed in honor of People’s War Day on Thursday, the day of his birthday and the publication of the book Vishwa Shanti Parthana. He claimed that some people still possess a violent streak. ‘ Violence in our nation had ended. Yet, according to some people’s actions and demeanor, there still seems to be a whiff of violence, Oli added. He voiced worry about the culture of violence and the propensity for violence to be prideful.

When the presidential election was about to take place and the current power coalition was in ruins, President Oli responded. The primary ally in power is UML. With the exception of a few middle-level UML leaders, hardly one objected when the cabinet decided on Bidda. Instead, the UML-affiliated ministers who are a part of the cabinet have voiced their support. President Oli, on the other hand, was instructed to keep quiet. It should not be assumed that President Oli’s response came after the Maoist center did not oppose the UML nominee.


Despite the fact that President Oli is well recognized for being a harsh critic of Maoists and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. They have recently condemned them harshly after the alliance with the Maoists was destroyed while remaining mute during the alliance. A UML employee who utilizes social media claimed that following recent political occurrences, activists are also perplexed.

President Oli stands out among Nepal’s political figures as a strength. Several individuals are interested in his viewpoint. Yet he’s become less confident in the world as a result of his recent reactions.


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