Kumsot turning into a popular tourist spot

Popular tourist destination in nepal is Kumsot has just started to draw tourists. Before Bardghata Susta, Kumsot was under Devchuli Municipality-6 of Nawalpur and is now a popular tourist site. This location, which unites the three municipalities of Devchuli, Kawasoti, and Hupsekot, is becoming more and more popular every day. Nine kilometers north of the East-West highway is where Kumsot is situated. Given that this location is hilly and adjacent to the highway, it is simple to see the flat land of Nawalpur to the south, the densely populated area near the highway, the mountainous terrain to the north of Nawalpur, the highest point in the district, Devchuli Dando in popular tourist destination in nepal.

Additionally, since visitors from the interior and nearby districts may readily see the picturesque views of Chitwan, Chitwan National Park, Narayani River, and Rapti River, Kumsot is growing in popularity. Meen Bahadur Soti, ward president of Devchuli-6, stated that the growth of this area, which is known as a distant village of Devchuli Municipality, has been aided by the accessibility of roads, power, and drinking water. According to him, “the development of various infrastructure helped in its development, easy access to the highway, along with this, convenient hotels started to open gradually, and gradually it started to become the choice of many tourists.”

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To avoid the summer heat, domestic tourists often travel to Kumsot. Domestic visitors to Kumsot increase dramatically during vacations and festivals, according to Ward President Soti. He disclosed that preparations are being undertaken to welcome both domestic and international tourists. He claims that progress has been made on the plan to resuscitate the Magar artistic tradition in Kumsot and the surrounding Kirtipur, where the Magar people resides, as well as to upgrade the route through Kumsot Kirtipur leading to the high hill of Nawalpur. He claimed that since it is a naturally beautiful location, they intend to tie it to tourism and establish a link between tourism and financial gains.

Popular tourist destination in nepal 2023

Ward president Soti stated that further work will be done at the ward and city levels in order to support the development of Kirtipur, which is nestled between Kumsot and the highest hill in the district, Devchuli, as a tourist destination. Mayor Hari Prasad Neupane has stated that more infrastructure development work in this area will be carried out from the city level because Devchuli Dando is a popular tourist destination in the municipality and Kumsot and Kirtipur, which are connected to it, have significant tourism potential for popular tourist destination in nepal.


Kumsot is seen as serving as a gateway to the district’s steep terrain. Through this location, one can access a few wards of the district’s steep Boudikali, Bullingtar, and Hupsekot Rural Municipalities. Soti, the ward president, expressed his excitement at the growing number of tourists visiting Kumsot, a location that also connects the Terai region and the district’s hilly region.

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