Ranbir Kapoor abstained from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during the filming of ‘Ramayana’

Ranbir Kapoor is ready to go through any process to immerse himself in the character. Ranbir, who is going to play the role of Ram in the film ‘Ramayana’ directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has announced that he will give up alcohol and non-vegetarian food throughout the shooting period.

After taking such a decision in honor of Lord Ram, he is receiving praise on social media. In this film directed by Tiwari, Ranveer will be seen in the role of Ram, Sai Pallavi will play the role of Sita and Yash will play the role of Ravana. Ever since Nitesh announced the production of the film ‘Ramayana’, fans have been excited.

Ranbir Kapoor and Ramayana movie

According to Bollywood Portal quoting sources, Ranveer will completely stay away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during the shooting of the film. According to the Indian media, he took this decision to feel pure and clean like Ram.


Ranbir’s decision is being appreciated on social media saying that it is a respect for culture. Prabhas while working in ‘Adipurush’ and Akshay Kumar while working in ‘OMG 2’ also avoided meat and alcohol throughout the shooting period. Earlier it was said that Alia Bhatt will play the role of Sita in the film Ramayana. But she left the film showing some reason.

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