Rishi Panchami is celebrated today

Rishi Panchami is celebrated today, Nepali hindus women are celebrating Panchami by worshiping Saptarishi. Panchami festival is celebrated every year on the day of Bhadra Shukla Panchami. As the Chaturthi Tithi ends Tuesday at 10:49 this morning and the Panchami Tithi begins, Rishi Panchami Vratalu should worship Saptarishi. Basudevkrishna Shastri informed.

In this festival, women wake up early in the morning and go to nearby rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and ponds, brush their teeth with 365 dativans, bathe with cow dung, mud and ashes. After bath, Arundhati, Atri, Gautama, Bharadwaja, Jamadagni, Vashishta, Kashyap and Vishwamitra are worshipped.

There is a religious belief that worshiping Sapta Rishi on the day of Panchami will bring prosperity to the family. People who bathe and worship at Gaurighat in Kathmandu have gathered with this belief.


Sapta Rishi Panchami celebration temple

Sapta Rishi panchami On this occasion, there is a crowd of devout female devotees who worship at Risheshwar Temples across the country including Teku, Mulpani in Kathmandu and other places in Nepal. Some women also worship Saptarishi at home.

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