SS Rajamouli announced the production of the movie ‘Made in India’

Rajamouli announced the production of the movie ‘Made in India’, After making blockbuster films like ‘Baahubali’ and ‘RRR’, now SS Rajamouli is coming up with a new film. Many biopics have been made in Indian films, but no biopics have been made on himself or his predecessors.

But now a biopic is going to be made on the veteran of Indian films, which is named ‘Made in India’. But this film will be directed by National Award winner Nitin Kakkad. This film will be produced by SS Rajamouli.

When ‘Made in India’ was announced, Rajamouli took to Twitter (X) and said that he cried after hearing the story of the film. He said that his team is ready for the biopic titled ‘Made in India’.


Made In India: After RRR, SS Rajamouli announces new project based on Dadasaheb Phalke’s life

Sharing the teaser of the announcement of the film ‘Made in India’, Rajamouli wrote, ‘When I heard the story for the first time, I was emotional. Actually making a biopic is very difficult in itself. But making a biopic on the ‘Father of Indian Cinema’ is more challenging.

Dadasaheb Phalke is called ‘Father of Indian Cinema’. He was the father of Indian cinema. In 1913, he made the country’s first feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’. But to give birth to Indian cinema, Dadasaheb Phalke had to get many papads.


SS Rajamouli and working films

If women started working in films, it was because of them. Dadasaheb Phalke had no means to start Indian cinema and make films. But he did not lose heart. Now SS Rajamouli is expected to bring his story to the screen.

SS RajamouliRajamouli was in the news for ‘RRR’ until a few months ago. This film caused a stir all over the world. The song ‘Natu Natu’ from his film won an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards. Now he is in discussion about ‘Made in India’.

This film is being produced by Varun Gupta and SS Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya. But there is no information yet about the casting of the film. ‘Made in India’ will be released in Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages.

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