The Witch Season of Destiny 2 Still Has Serious Story Clarity Issues

The Witch Season of Destiny 2 Still Has Serious Story Clarity Issues have Eris Morn resisted giving in to temptation and became the Hive God of Vengeance after channeling Hive magic for weeks. Contrary to Elsie Bray’s dire predictions, Eris cut off Xivu Arath’s immortality as the Hive God of War and prevented herself from becoming humanity’s new worst adversary. Savathun, the Hive God of Cunning, has been brought back to life by the Ghost Immaru and is now more dangerous than ever.

While promising to uphold her end of the bargain she struck with the Vanguard to aid Guardians in traveling through the Traveler’s portal and confronting the universe’s greatest threat, the Witness, Savathun, released Immaru as Eris’ prisoner in an effort to forge at least some sort of alliance with the Guardians. Oh, and owing to Eris’s efforts, Xivu Arath has vanished, taking the Witness’s most trusted ally off the field until after the Final Shape expansion.

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But if you missed anything in the climactic cutscene, you’re not the only one. This most recent Destiny 2 tale, as well as all those that came before it, featured some of its best moments off-screen. One or two of those who did would require reading the item flavor text and lore books, which provide a ton of additional context, before they would make sense.

Although this is a problem that Destiny has always had, Bungie urgently needs to find a solution as the game’s 10-year “Light and Darkness Saga” story arc rapidly draws to a close. There was a lot of pretty great stuff happening in The Season of the Witch, and it excelled at delivering character problems, interesting moments in cutscenes, mid-missiointeresting monologues. The issue is that Bungie doesn’t always appear to grasp what to offer players or how to provide it in a way that is simple to comprehend and apply.


The Witch Season of Destiny 2 Still Has Serious Story Clarity IssuesA good example is the Season of the Witch’s epilogue. In it, Eris Morn makes a play against Xivu Arath using the Hive magic she’s been hoarding all season. Eris performs a surprise scheme with the aid of Ikora Rey, following some talk from various characters that the players’ attempts to strengthen Eris all season haven’t been enough to stand against the God of War. The moment Eris kills Savathun after the two have allowed Immaru to revive her, combined with the might that Savathun embodies as a Hive god, Eris is able to deal a significant blow to Xivu Arath.

The basic beats of the sequence are reasonably simple to understand given what we’ve seen so far in the season, and there is enough speech to follow Eris’s attack on Savathun and her maneuver with Xivu Arath’s Throne World. However, the action ends abruptly right after that. Ikora’s statement, which comes next in the narrative, enumerates all the significant events that occurred right after the cutscene.

Most significantly, Immaru brought back Savathun, the most terrifying, intriguing, and well-developed antagonist in all of Destiny. Savathun left her ghost, Immaru, with Eris Morn as a hostage because she still wants to be believed by and cooperate with the Vanguard.

scii4t 5f36206It is only a post-mission report from Ikora alive,reveals Savathun is returned, fully alive, and now full universe affect events in the Destiny universe. In fact, the scenario leaves so many questions unanswered that an entry in this season’s lore book, Rites of Passage, picks up where it left off and elaborates on what transpires over the course of the following five minutes. You can locate that entire narrative, and it’s rather nice, bu—it’s not included. o—the core Destiny 2 experience.

It’s a strategy that consistently undermines Destiny 2’s increasingly complex and compelling narrative, whi2—on ends a lot of time each season developing the game’s diverse cast of characters and examining the challenges they face as they face extinction.

This is best illustrated by Eris Morn this beyond, who has been channeling the dark, corrupting energy of the Hive for weeks and has frequently talked about how alluring it has been to wield that power, the power of a literal god. An important piece of mythology from the Beyond Light expansion describes how Eris was entirely corrupted by a similar force in an alternate time Stranger, by Elsie Bray, an Exo Stranger from Destiny 1. She went completely in that timeline. evil, took over the Hive, and basically helped wipe out humanity.

Another benefit of the doubt to grant is that Destiny 2’s story has the potential to be incredibly complex. It uses esoteric ideas that blend real science, theoretical science, science fiction, fantasy, and occultism. It also incorporates a variety of strange space magic energies that are only partially understood by the game’s own characters. It is so conceivable that a line like “Eris Morn just used Hive power tithed through the Sword Logic to sever Xivu Arath’s connection to her Throne World, robbing her of her immortality, while Immaru resurrected Savathun” can be difficult to convey in a cutscene. Budget issues for cutscene production and length give the impression that this is not a simple issue to resolve.

hq720 considered, All  things The Final Shape will require a genuine resolution to the problem. It must be immediately obvious to every player, not just the lore-pilled ones, what is happening and why it matters as Destiny 2 nears its finale with 10 years of storylines and gameplay experiences building up to one last campaign and one major battle.
Light fall is a fantastic illustration of how much Destiny 2 may struggle when its great ideas don’t come through in its storytelling, and if the on-screen storytelling isn’t up to the challenge, no amount of well-written and entertaining text dumps will be able to redeem the concluding chapter of the Light and Darkness Saga.

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