Eighty eight million tourists entering nine months

Twenty million tourist visit in nepal 2023  in nine months of English, according to Kathmandu. Seven and 78,172 million tourists arrived in Nepal starting on September 7, according to information provided by the Nepal Tourism Board, which cited the Nepal Immigration Department.

Pashupati Nath Temple

91 000 12 tourists visited Nepal in just the past month of September. 58,314 visitors entered Nepal over the same time period in the previous year. 92,604 visitors visited Nepal in 2019


Tourist visit in Nepal 2023

The board predicts that as Nepal’s tourist season gets underway, the number of foreign visitors would rise in the following days for tourists visit nepal each year. The objective will be simple to meet, according to the board’s director Maniraj Lamichhane, who noted that tourist arrivals have been steadily rising in recent months. The most recent visitor statistics include 90.28 percent of visitors arriving before CVID-19. One million foreign visitors are expected to arrive in 2023, according to the government’s target for policy of Tourism in Nepal.

Tourism in Nepal
tourists visit nepal each year

Even in the month of September, Nepal welcomed 28,642 visitors from India, 8,174 visitors from China, 7,364 visitors from the United States, and 3,716 visitors from Bangladesh.


Similar numbers of visitors—3,685 from Australia, 3,640 from the United Kingdom, 3,011 from Sri Lanka, 2,852 from Germany, and 2,085 from South

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