A total of 292 new trekking guides were added to Pokhara

Following a six-week training program in technical cooperation, the Gandaki – Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAN) and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (Natham) have recruited 292 new guides to Pokhara.

According to Tan Gandaki Chairman Dharmaraj Panthi, 292 of the 298 candidates who satisfied the requirements and were chosen through interviews passed the test and were awarded certificates in the training program held with the intention of making trekking tourism organized and successful.

Trekking guide in pokhara

Since 1998, around 1,900 people have received training from Tan Gandaki, according to him. Workers in the hiking tourist industry are fleeing the country as a result of political unrest, natural disasters, and the corona outbreak, he claimed. The training and extra trekking guides will significantly benefit trekking in Nepal using Pokhara as a base, he said.


The Annapurna Cycle Trail, Annapurna Base Camp Trail, Mardi Himal Trail, Dhawalagiri Cycle Trail, Millennium Trail, Punhill, and other world-class trails may be found in the Pokhara area so travel will easy with best Trekking guide in pokhara .

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