What would happen after a complaint to the appropriate authority stating that Ravi was cleared in the passport case?

A complaint has been filed with the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority alleging that Ravi Lamichhane, the chairman of the Rashtriya Swatnatra Party (RASWPA), was granted immunity in the passport matter under the pretense of authority.

Yuvraj Safal filed a complaint against the officers and staff of the District Police Complex Kathmandu, the District Public Prosecutor’s Office Kathmandu, the High Public Prosecutor’s Office Patan, and the Attorney General’s Office after being heard by the Supreme Court regarding Ravi’s citizenship and passport through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

He disclosed that a complaint had been filed on Sunday, requesting action since it was believed the accused had been cleared by abuse of power.


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Sunday that Ravi was exonerated in the matter of passport fraud in exchange for a vote of confidence. In addition, he declared that he would petition the Supreme Court to overturn the Attorney General’s office’s decision to clear him of the government case in order to maintain his position of authority, despite the fact that he had created and used a Nepali passport while being an American citizen.

He has stated that since he was exonerated without a judicial trial, he will reapply to the Supreme Court with a writ.


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