Why do people live in the sleep? Is this problem serious?

Some people get used to sleep. They do not know what is spoken at sleep. This habit is called a sonny in English.

According to science, about one percent of the total population gets a habit of speaking in a sleeping adult. Since knowing the subconscious of Barbarians, they have the idea that many people will hear of their businesses. But the specialization argues that what he said to sleep and it is useless to pay attention or analyzing it.

The doctor has argued that it is not waiting for no matter what is happening to refusal to indicate something to sleep or open the secrets of the subcontinent. Doctoists say that the person who bourses in sleep has opened all its secrets. Instead, it indicates that this is not enough.


Many people are accustomed to sleeping as much as stress, depression, diet, alcohol care and fever. So the person who burns in sleep should sleep enough to get rid of it. But the habit of sleeping is not necessary for fear.

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