Why does the water falling from the waterfall look white?

We all have seen frozen lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, seas, waterfalls. But, have you taken care? Of all those you have seen, the water of the waterfall looks whiter. If you think what is the reason for this, today we are informing you about it.

After all, why does the water of the waterfall look white? When the sunlight hits any object, the sunlight bounces back. When the reflected sunlight hits our eyes, we see that object. Similarly, sunlight bounces back from water. Smooth flowing water acts like a mirror.

As the light comes from the sun, that light is reflected. So it looks colorless. However, because the water falling from the waterfall is broken into different droplets, those water droplets reflect the light at different angles. That’s why they look white.


If the sun’s light is bent at different angles and enters our eyes, it appears white. This also applies to mirrors. A mirror with a smooth surface appears colorless. However, if the surface of the same mirror is made rough, the light from there will also appear white as it will be bent at different angles.

Similarly, there are different drops of water in clouds and clouds. So they also look white.


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